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The Evolution of Modular Bathroom Construction

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SurePods is constantly improving, refining and optimizing the process of modular bathroom construction. We prefer to call our process of creating bathrooms manufacturing vs. building. SurePods have undergone 5 generations of evolution to date. This infographic is a look back at the stages of evolution. As you look, think about where this constantly evolving process is at when compared to on site building…

the Evolution of Modular Construction

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  1. I have a lot of curiosity and willingness to implement the construction of the bathrooms ready in Brazil in an even more innovative way.
    Could you send me this study and history completely?
    Thank you

  2. As a Vendor for CRH, we are keenly interested in how we can contribute to the success of SurePODS and its approach to Industrialized Construction and the Digital Hub. Addressing the challenges around data and communication both inside the company and to its vendors and customers is an area that we are addressing.
    I would be keen to understand more about this study and history to better understand.

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