Oldcastle SurePods™ factory built bathrooms are sized, designed and accessorized precisely according to architectural plans, then built under controlled factory conditions.

What are Oldcastle SurePods Factory Built Bathrooms?


Oldcastle SurePods factory built bathrooms consolidate the talents of eight separate trades in one finished product – ready to install and inspect. There is no more worry for the contractor about coordinating and scheduling multiple trades people in a small, confined space. Top quality workmanship is guaranteed and there are no more punch lists to drag out for weeks and months.

What do SurePods offer?

Surety of Schedule

Heads to beds, on average 2 months earlier than traditional construction.

Surety of quality

Better materials, with a 5-year structural warranty and 1-year workmanship warranty and a 5 year no crack ceiling.

Surety of Safety

The controlled environment eliminates 100 man hours on-site per pod, no on-site hazards and reduced waste.

Surety of Simplicity

Single point of contact with a nationally known and recognized company who is an innovation leader and offers a single source warranty.

SurePod factory built bathroom