Turn 12 trades into 1 supplier

SurePods factory built bathrooms deliver 100 man hours in each bathroom pod. They are delivered completed on the inside, plumbing, paint, tile, even accessories. Simply connect to the building's utilities, and your bathrooms are ready for occupancy.

SurePods prefabricated bathrooms save developers time, money and provide a higher quality product. 

Oldcastle SurePods™ is the leading provider of prefabricated bathroom pods in North America. We support commercial projects in multi-unit construction of hotels, apartments, dormitories, and assisted living.  With our help, our clients build faster, reduce waste on site, simplify project management and have high-quality bathrooms since 2005 we have installed 20,000 pods. 


Bathroom pods are being manufactured offsite while site work is taking place in the field. Concurrent construction activities result in time savings. Don't forget, no bathroom punch list!


Bathroom building requires up to 12 trades in one congested area. Taking that work off site and into the factory simplifies project sites. Less material deliveries and onsite waste also help simplify.


SurePods factory produces bathrooms with a consistently high-quality level of finish. Factory automation and strict quality control measures ensure each bathroom shows up on site ready for occupancy.

Are you ready to save time and simplify your project site?

We build better bathrooms

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