Pre-Fab Bathroom Markets

Oldcastle SurePods pre-fab bathroom market includes hospitality, healthcare and multi-unit residential new construction projects. New construction of these building types typically includes large quantities of a repeatable bathroom layout. The key to incorporating pre-fab bathroom pods is having 100 or more of the same bathroom type in order to leverage the manufacturing economies of scale.

Furthermore, the intrinsic benefits of using bathroom pods, speed, safety, superior quality and simplicity give the contractors and owners constructing projects in this industry a competitive edge.


• Bathroom unit quantity is greater than 100.
• Bathrooms feature a repetitive layout.
• Project is schedule driven.
• Project location is rural and therefore, less accessible.
• There are logistical challenges due to a dense urban site.
• Skilled local subcontractor labor is expensive or unavailable.

Pre-Fab Bathroom for Hospitality


Oldcastle SurePods delivers superior-quality bathrooms, ready to install, without a punch list. Bathrooms are fully customizable, designed to complement any décor and impress even the most discerning hotel guest.

Pre-Fab Bathroom multi-unit residential

Multi-Unit Residential

By leveraging economies of scale with smart design, Oldcastle SurePods offers students, luxury apartment buyers or assisted living residents beautifully appointed bathrooms.

Pre-Fab Bathroom healthcare


Oldcastle SurePods offers a cutting-edge solution for building hospital bathrooms. Oldcastle SurePods also offers exact building tolerances, crevice-free solid surfaces and high-quality enhancements consistent with today’s healthcare building trends.