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Healthcare Prefab Bathroom Pods

Hospital projects are often complicated and risky. Infection control, safety, durability, and ease of maintenance have become increasingly important, often resulting in construction cost overruns and schedule delays. Why assume this additional risk when you don’t have to?

Oldcastle SurePods™ offer a cutting-edge solution, healthcare prefab bathrooms that eliminate the uncertainty of building hospital bathrooms. Built to exact design specifications, SurePods™ bathroom pods offers exact building tolerances, crevice-free solid surfaces and high-quality enhancements consistent with today’s healthcare building trends. And because they’re built in a factory setting, all bathrooms are delivered to the job site with the same, consistently high quality, ready to install – with no punch list.

Take a look at the scenario below illustrating the potential for schedule savings, the Oldcastle SurePods™ value proposition is hard to ignore, especially in the healthcare sector.

flow chart showing time savings