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Hospitality Superior Quality Bathrooms

Oldcastle Modular delivers superior quality bathrooms, ready to install, without a punch list. Bathrooms are fully customizable, designed to complement any décor and impress even the most discerning hotel guest.

Poor bathroom workmanship is a chronic problem in the hotel construction industry. Bathroom rework accounts for over 60% of the punch-list. Bathroom quality problems cost hotel investors hundreds of thousands of dollars in finance fees and lost revenue when they cause projects to be late.

The benefits of using Oldcastle Modular prefabricated bathrooms on your hotel project include the financial value proposition as depicted in the graph below.


flow chart showing time savingsBaha Mar Nassau, Bahamas is the perfect example of a project that was able to use Oldcastle Modular bathroom pods and alleviate the issue of lack of high quality local labor. Oldcastle built 1,800 bathrooms for the project.